Autumn is Arriving for Your Design Choices

Summer has been fun. We all enjoyed spending days at the beach and soaking up the sun. However, it was one of the hottest on record in Perth, WA.

Most of us are now ready to move on from the hot summer and look forward to cooler days ahead. As we move into autumn, we want things to cool down, and we anticipate spending quality time in our comfortable, warm and inviting homes.

Why not put yourself in an autumn state of mind by redecorating your home? Autumn furniture packages are the perfect way to change the appearance of your residence. Switch up your home design and add a cooler touch to get ready for the change of season.


You don’t need a complete overhaul of your space to update it for the season. A few key pieces in the right colour palette for autumn can make a big enough difference in transforming your rooms.

The most versatile design scheme has significant pieces such as a lounge or chair in neutral colours like ivory, beige, or grey. Those pieces will not change with the seasons, so it’s important to make sure your primary furniture pieces are of the highest quality, set to last for many years.

An advantage of neutral central pieces of furniture is that your accent pieces can rotate with the seasons. By choosing accent pieces in seasonal colours, you can make your décor look significantly different every few months throughout the year. Autumn furniture packages can include accent pieces.

Examples of accent pieces include wall art, vases, floral arrangements, and candles. Other accent pieces in autumn interior designs include tapestries, bedroom duvets and throw blankets, pillows, and window treatments. Lamps, rugs, and towel sets are other accent pieces that may be overlooked.

The colours typically associated with autumn décor include wine or burgundy, dark brown, dark orange, mustard yellow, and dark green. 740 Designs knows what colours are right for the season and can give your home a facelift.

A New Autumn Centrepiece

You can refresh your home design in ways other than implementing different accent pieces. Have you considered a new autumn-coloured dining room package or lounge sectional? As the centrepiece of a room, autumn furniture packages can completely transform the appearance of your home.

Your dining room is the place where the family gathers to share meals. Your dining room package can set the seasonal tone of the room. Generally, darker coloured woods such as walnut and cherry are more associated with autumn.

Similarly, your living room is another gathering spot that is the heart of your home. The lounge sectional that you choose will make your room look colourful and comfortable. Choose a colour and fabric that is more suited to autumn.

However, the dining room and living room aren’t the only parts of your home that need to be refreshed for the season. Autumn interior designs should be used liberally in other places as well.

Give your bedroom a seasonal update with an autumn furniture package. New furniture can make your bedroom look richer and inviting. A bed frame, dressers, and side tables in darker wood can create the right tone.

In addition to changing the furniture in your bedroom for autumn, you should also change accent pieces. Bedding, window treatments, and throw pillows should be complementary with the darker woods to give the room that quintessential autumn look.

You want to make sure all the pieces of autumn display furniture match in every room. Whether it’s in your dining room or bedroom, you don’t want furniture designs that clash with each other. Matching pieces create a sense of harmony that will make potential buyers feel like they’re at home.

When you’re selling your home, you need the help of professional designers like 740 Designs. Most people don’t have the time to put together beautiful autumn interior designs for their home. This seemingly small detail can make a big difference in how quickly your home sells.

Make a Potential Buyer Comfortable with the Appropriate Autumn Palate, Not a Summery Contrast

Summery furniture is bright and cheery. High contrast colours and bold patterns provide a comfortable space. Regardless of where your home is located, you want your summer décor to remind people of the beach.

The colours of summer furnishings are usually primary and sunny. Colours like bold blue, bright yellow, red, and white are refreshing in the summer and bring to mind the sunshine of a day on the beach. Furniture might be light woods or even wicker.

However, autumn calls for a switch. The same bright colours that were appropriate in summer are jarring and uncomfortable as seasons change. The right autumn furniture packages will be warm and inviting.

You want to make potential buyers feel comfortable in your home. It should be the kind of place where they want to stay as long as possible. Most people buy houses based on the way they envision themselves living in the home.

Making a good first impression is essential when your home is for sale. You want it to be warm and inviting. You don’t need to bake cookies to make your home seem welcoming—you need the right colours and furnishings.

Even subtle aspects like the seasonal nature of your furnishings can make the difference between a sale and an extensive listing. No seller wants their house to be on the market too long, getting stale. However, getting a new interest in your house doesn’t require a total remodel; new furnishings can make your overall home look renewed.

Hiring a company like 740 Designs can help take care of the aspects of autumn interior designs that the average home seller doesn’t think of on their own. When you are selling your home, you want your home to stand out compared to the competition. The housing market is very competitive, and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.