3 Home Staging Tips for a Summer Sale

Home Staging to Sell Your Home in Summer Is Important


If you’re looking to sell your home, one of the most effective ways to increase your success (and profit) is by mastering the art of home staging; fortunately, there are plenty of professionals in Perth who would be delighted to help you with your property staging needs. Whether you’re merely redecorating to make a great first impression or working to spruce up the property you’re trying to rent to others, investing in appearances will significantly improve your chances of finding the perfect buyer.


No matter when you’re planning to sell your home, creating a welcoming atmosphere is crucial, but during the competitive house buying summer months it’s especially important to do everything you can to stand out.


While working to sell your home can undoubtedly be a stressful process, there are a few things you can do to help make it run more smoothly. Leveraging the power of professional home styling and staging can undoubtedly make a difference in attracting the perfect clients for your home.


Here are a few essential property styling and furniture staging tips to give you the edge and advantage over the market. Investing in even just one of the below suggestions with the help of a staging professional can help you throughout the selling process.  

Home Staging Using Summer Swatches 


Different seasons call for different colours when staging your home. While you should aim for “warm” colours during the fall, your approach to staging should be different during the summer months. Choosing the wrong colours to stage your home in summer could be the difference between finding an average buyer to the buyer who is willing to give you the perfect deal.


While many homeowners know the importance of furniture staging, often they don’t invest much thought into colours when staging their home. It’s the little things that can often make the biggest differences.


Though the general colour scheme of your home should always be something neutral like a well-rounded grey, adding a few strategic colours when property staging during the summer season can truly make the space stand out.  


Here are a few great colours to consider:


Navy Blue


Sharp, distinct and lavish, adding some navy blue into your home for the summer months can turn any room into a more memorable space without giving it the appearance of being smaller. Navy Blue matches well with a wide variety of furniture and is a bold colour choice for both male and female home buyers. This deep royal hue is a favourite go-to colour due to its incredible flexibility in looking great in virtually all styles of homes and for the extra drama factor that it provides. Add a touch of this blue, and you will be sure to impress any potential buyer.




Adding some yellow in your home during summer will complement the intense Perth sun and shiny Australian vibe giving off a warm and open space feeling.  A strategically placed splash or two of yellow can highlight some of the most incredible features of your home and make those who are viewing your property feel the “lighter” vibe. If you think yellow might be too much of a bold colour for you try with a mustard yellow, it not only has the same effect, but it gives you the plus of being a more elegant choice. If you feel even more creative and adventurous, why not try a wallpaper with different tones of yellow with a touch of white.


Millennial Pink


Which consists of a shade between a light salmon and rose pink, it is not recommended to cover the entire home during the staging process; Millennial Pink can add quite a bit of flair to your home and catch prospective buyers’ attention. Like the colour yellow, Millennial Pink goes well with the summer season and the wide variety of light put off by the sun. Though typically considered a feminine colour scheme, it can be leveraged to please both male and female buyers if done correctly.


The colours you use in your home matter, especially when it comes to making a great first appearance. While staging your home consider using the three suggested colours above to make your property stand out, but don’t forget that decoration also plays a significant role in complementing the paint.

Home Staging Utilizing Summer Sunlight


Just as using the right colours during summer is vital for home staging, leveraging the power of sunlight can also significantly enhance the appearance of your home. Fortunately, most of your homes potential lighting issues can be fixed with one simple trick, open your curtains and flick on your lights! It’s that easy.


You want prospective buyers to see your home in its best lighting and allowing that natural sunlight into your home is a great way to highlight everything your property has to offer. There’s nothing worse than a potential buyer missing out on the feel of your amazing home due to poor lighting or lack of sunlight. Unlit rooms are perfect for getting a potential buyer to think “eh” instead of “yes.”


Believe it or not, the added sunlight can help improve the appearance of your tile, furniture, and give each room a more spacious feel which goes a long way in winning the hearts of potential prospects. The additional sunlight in your property might make things a little warm for prospective buyers, so be sure to keep your home cool with AC or extra fans spread throughout the house. While the sunlight may help highlight your home, if it turns your home into a sauna, you probably won’t have many calls back anytime soon.  


In addition to opening your curtains and turning on the lights, make sure your windows are clean to maximise the sunlight that comes through. The last thing you want is for guests to see your dirty windows, so make sure they are clean!


Don’t underestimate the power of a well-lit home when it comes to selling your property. A simple tweak can make all the difference and is an absolute must to enhance the feel of your home.   

Home Staging Including Summer Soil 


Great summer colour scheme? Check.

Natural sunlight throughout the home? Check.


The third and final home staging tip for you to leverage when selling your home is including a wide variety of summer soil plants. Having the perfect plants strategically placed in your home is one sure way to absolutely wow potential buyers with your attention to detail and make their experience more pleasant.


Not only do live plants make the home fresher, but they can also actually improve the mood of everyone who walks through your home! So, don’t think about using a staging company that uses plastic plants, no matter how realistic they might look, everyone will know they are fake. While, live plants won’t guarantee they will put an offer in on the house, of course, improving potential buyers’ moods is undoubtedly a good thing.


Plants that are well taken care of will also demonstrate your commitment to keeping the home in great shape. The more you can show that you’ve taken care of the property the better buyers will feel about putting in a bid. Of course, if you do choose to have live plants in your home, be sure that you a staging company takes good care of them, a dead or dying plant won’t exactly give off the best first impression.


Though as a rule, adding plants is better than not having plants at all, the types of plants you choose to have in your home do matter. At 740 Designs we are professionals at knowing exactly which plants will work best for your home and are happy to help you choose a wide variety to add throughout your property. Adding real-life plants to your home is a great way to go the extra mile, and it shows your possible buyers the potential of the house.


For a small investment, the power of a few plants can go a long way in helping you sell your home.


Sell This Summer With Pro Home Staging   


If you look up “home staging Perth” in your favourite search engine, there are plenty of organisations that pop up. However, few possess the right blend of experience and knowledge to make your home look perfect for sale.


It’s no longer enough to consider your property styling an afterthought. To attract top-quality buyers, you must put in the effort into home styling whether you choose to stage your home solo or hire professional help you can’t afford to make a poor first impression.


While home staging is an investment, taking the time to make your property look great is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of attracting a high-quality buyer. The fact remains that making your home look great will help you sell or rent quickly.


Don’t let the beautiful Perth summers go to waste. Good luck!