Providing homeowners and property investors with a quick and easy way to decorate homes fast, our professionals at 740 Design locate, deliver and install practical and stylish home office furniture packages in Perth. We can tailor a package to suit any budget and requirement, whether it’s a private home office for an executive or a study area for the children. Our specialists choose items that complement your property’s style perfectly, and all quotes include the delivery, installation, and removal of packing materials costs.

Items Included in Our Perth Home Office Packages

We make unique packages for each of our clients based on their budget, needs, and size of the home office. However, some of the most popular items in our packages include the following:

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Desk Chairs
  • Floor Shelving
  • Wall Shelving
  • Under Desk Drawers
  • Cabinets
  • Buffets
  • Visitor’s Seating
  • Fold-Out Sofas
  • Bean Bag
  • Small Lounge Chairs
  • Kid’s Chairs
  • Artwork

Above is a far from an exhaustive list of the items that you can have included in your package, but we can also source more furnishings to suit your particular requirements. If you need floor rugs, vases, clocks, and decorate touches not mentioned above, feel free to tell our team, and we’ll do the hard work. The appearance and size of the items depend on your particular property but rest assured, we’ll pick furnishings that suit your home perfectly.

Our professionals keep comfort in mind when choosing your home office furniture. We can supply black, white, timber or glass desks that are either freestanding or backed against a wall, swivel chairs with wheels and a supportive back, and seating that promotes relaxation for visitors.

Ordering Home Office Packages in Perth

We begin by providing you with a free onsite consultation at a time that suits you, and when we’ve taken notes, surveyed the property and listened to your requirements, we’ll produce a competitive quote that includes the costs of delivery and installation for you to consider. If required, we can send an itemised quote along with photographs of the furniture we intend to provide to help make up your mind.

Each item is handpicked by our specialist team of designers, each of whom has years of experience in transforming home office interiors. We’ll find the furnishings that complement your home’s overall appearance so that you can feel confident that the final result will exceed your expectations.

Prompt Delivery and Professional Installation

When you’re happy with the furniture we’ve chosen and the quote we’ve provided, we will purchase all your home office items from our local suppliers. If time is a critical factor, we can usually arrange for your home office package to be delivered within a few weeks, and our team can install everything in just a few hours.

All our home office items are covered by a 12-month guarantee for your peace of mind, and you can feel confident that we’ll act fast should you ever have any requests or queries.

Whether you’re staging a home to increase its value or trying to settle into a new property quickly, we can provide all the office furniture you need and more at competitive prices. Speak to us today to learn more about our tailored home office packages in Perth.