Display Home Staging Done Right

As a Home Builder, Your Best Marketing Tool is a Properly Furnished Display Home

If you’re building new homes, marketing takes on many forms both digital and offline.

There’s one marketing tool in that mix, though, that packs the strongest punch by far. However, it’s certainly not a social media presence or print ads.

An immaculate and properly furnished display home makes far more of a statement than the other channels in your marketing strategy combined. Display home staging is a hidden weapon employed by all successful home builders.

Think about it, you might be selling unfurnished properties, but what does a house or apartment look like when it doesn’t have a stick of furniture inside? You might get a sense of space, but that’s offset against a stark and unwelcoming aesthetic that does nothing for your sales.

How much does it cost to stage a home for a sale, though?

Well, far less than if you don’t perform this step and fail to convert viewers into buyers.

If you have common questions like, “How much does home styling cost?” and, “What does a professional home stager do?” floating around, we’ll clarify things today and give you a workable solution. Because the fact is, you don’t need to buy all that furniture yourself. We can help you with display home furniture hire right here at 740 Designs.

We’ll start with the entrance of your home since this is the first impression your prospective buyers will get and arguably the most important.

Make Your Entrance Memorable

Since your display home is a new build, you should have no problems out in the garden. The pathway should be looking fresh, the garage door immaculately painted, and the grass, if you have a garden, neatly clipped. You won’t face any of the problems that come with an aging property, which is an excellent result of high-quality new construction.

Once you step inside the house, though, it’s time to immediately make it feel like a home.

Plants and greenery are perhaps the most obvious but sadly overlooked ways to grab potential buyers by the scruff of the neck as soon as they cross the threshold. The best flowers in Perth that flood the senses, but you don’t need to go over the top. Even a single well-chosen green plant placed in a pot by the entrance with a splash of gravel beneath can create a striking effect.

With limited space in hallways, a corner seat, ideally with a bright splash of colour, extends a welcoming hand to guests. It also encourages them to sit down in comfort while they remove their shoes. If you’ve got space, a slimline table with some low-key lamps and a mirror on the wall adds to the parlour effect.

With wooden flooring, make sure to add an accent rug for an injection of texture against that harsh laminate.

Don’t be afraid to deck out the walls with some bold red paint set off perfectly against pristine white paintwork leading you from the entrance into the hearth of your display home.

Make Your Living Areas Feel New and Fresh

While a formidable entrance can seize the attention, the key to display home staging happens in the living areas.

A great rule of thumb to employ from the lounge room to the kitchen to the dining room is to avoid clutter at all costs. It’s easy to get carried away with display home interior design and to include all of the ideas you’ve read about in every magazine you’ve gotten your hands on. Don’t do this. You’ll make the space seem crowded, and it will feel smaller. Less is definitely more with display home staging.

When it comes to the living areas, successful display home staging pulls together tricks from interior design, marketing, and psychology to create a deliberate yet natural-looking showcase with one thing in mind: making a sale. If you feel you can achieve this alone, we wish you the very best of luck. If you want to swell your bottom line without spending a fortune on furniture, though, calling in 740 Designs might be the smartest investment you make this year.

An expansive wall-hanging TV not only makes the prospective customer imagine watching their favourite movie on a huge screen, but it also takes up no precious real estate. It simply fills a wall that might otherwise be bare.

Furniture in the lounge room can be more design-driven than you might choose in your own home. After all, most buyers are not likely to make a coffee and curl up on the couch for an hour. Daybeds, minimalist Eames-inspired chairs and a low-slung coffee table can supplement enough sofas and comfy chairs to fill the space without overstuffing it. Let your creativity run wild with artwork without choosing anything likely to offend.

In the kitchen, you have the perfect forum to present upscale appliances you wouldn’t be in a hurry to rush out and buy outright. With display home furniture hire, you can focus on higher quality gear since you won’t need to commit to purchasing.

The other key to the kitchen, of course, is to make sure you’ve got that age-old classic of fresh coffee and baking bread to arrest the senses of potential customers and make them imagine they’ve already got their feet under the table feeling entirely at home.

Bathrooms also offer the same chance for display home interior design to come fully to the forefront with rain showers, jacuzzis, and deep bathtubs bringing the appearance of a 5-star hotel to your display home.

Once you’ve got the main living quarters decked out just right, how about those all-important bedrooms?

Make Your Bedrooms Cozy

Technically, bedrooms should contain nothing beyond the basics needed to sleep. Let’s face it, though, most properties are intended as family homes, not minimalist loft conversions, so we’d advise making things much cozier.

Don’t misunderstand, we’re not suggesting that you cram the bedrooms to overflowing, but a large and enticing bed with a commanding frame and luxe bedding can in and of itself conjure up thoughts of restful sleep in the would-be buyer’s mind.

Make sure storage space is at a premium with some form of dressing area if space permits.

Classic, muted colour schemes work best, and carpeting is a lot more attractive than stepping out of bed onto a solid wooden floor. If you do have hard flooring, don’t hold back on the area rugs.

An ensuite bathroom in the master bedroom is a winner every time. It helps to create that getaway feeling for any prospective buyer. If you’ve done the hard work of putting one in place, we’ll do our part and make sure that you’re amazed at how we can create a mood!

Lamplight and candles can finish off that boudoir effect just perfectly.

Don’t overlook bedrooms for guests and children either. Opt for a different design in each so you can inject some variety.

Make Your Outdoors Livable

With the interior taken care of, you can add plenty of life to the garden with display home fitout.

A sprawling outside space is of little use if you have no tables, no seating, no BBQ, nothing but bare lawn.

Plants make a dramatic and positive impact in any garden, and this is very easily achieved without needing to get involved with planting. Again, less is often more. Some eye-catching orchids and judiciously selected rubber plants can lend an air of luxury to any outside space.

While every prospective buyer is likely to have their own gear in place already, it’s wise to lead them rather than forcing them to use their imagination. Take charge and create the effect you want with external display home staging.

If there’s no large yard to work with, be creative and scale down your endeavours to draw out the best of smaller outside spaces with fewer plants and perhaps a mini dining set on the decking that offers somewhere to eat outside without dominating.

740 Designs Can Outfit Your Display Home

“How much do I charge to stage a home?”

With 740 Designs, you’re getting the expertise of display home staging experts. We have the experience and the passion for our work to make the most of your show home.

We offer personalised packages, and you can request a quote right here.

We’ve been in the business for over 15 years. We understand that while you take care of building homes, you might want a helping hand with a consultant guiding you through the design and selection process. We’ve got you covered there.

If you already know exactly what you want, we can make that happen, too.

Whether you want furniture hire or you’d like some help with your interior design, here at 740 Designs we offer a full and robust package covering all aspects of display home staging.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, and you could be making more sales tomorrow.