Benefits of Property Staging

Are you considering selling your home? If that is the case, you have probably already started with the process of making it look appealing to potential buyers: tidying it up, getting rid of lawn clutter, repairing anything that might be broken, painting stained walls, and so forth. However, the real estate market is fast-paced and the competition is fierce, so in order to sell a home at the best price and within a reasonable time period, there should be something which will make the home stand out from the rest. And there is a way to do this – it is called property staging. Property staging, or home staging , is gaining in popularity nowadays, even in Perth, and with a good reason. House staging decorators have the power to transform the appearance of your home and make it super appealing to potential buyers. If you are wondering in what way this can be achieved, read on.

What Is Property Staging/Styling?

Staging a property means hiring a property stylist who will prepare your home for the market by staging it with furniture. The property stylist can hire furniture items for a limited amount of time — for instance, a few weeks — when the home will be open for buyers to come and see it for themselves. The property stylist will choose the appropriate furniture items and style them in a professional manner so that they look appealing to the potential buyers. You can choose to stage a single room in your home, a few rooms, or even the whole house – depending on your budget and how much money you are willing to spend. After staging the property, pictures are taken for the home to be shown online, as well, which is another perk of home staging. Buyers would have the chance to see the property online, increasing the chances they will come and see it in person. Additionally, posting pictures of your home online is a convenient way to reach a higher number of people, thus increasing the number of potential buyers and the likelihood of selling your home for top dollar. This is how you can get an edge on the competition in the Perth real estate market.

Property staging in Perth is becoming more and more popular, and consequently, the number of property stylists is rising. Therefore, with Perth staging it would be easy to make your home “picture perfect” should you decide to put in on the market.

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What Are the Benefits of Property Staging?

Staging your home can give a different, warmer tone to your home, thus evoking positive emotions in the buyers and consequently increasing the selling price of your house. Staging a home also gives buyers a better idea of how it will look when they’ve moved in – this sense of certainty can be the deciding factor in many buyers decision making.

Furthermore, with property staging your home will look much more attractive in photographs, showing space and concept. Attractive looking homes sell quicker and for higher prices, and all of that can start with the simple act of looking at photographs of the respective homes. Property stylists know the various ways of making your home seem more appealing and attractive to buyers, in other words, by seeing your home, property stylists will know which areas in the home to pay more attention to and which features to highlight to make the home to look its best to potential buyers.

What’s more, by the act of highlighting the best features of your home, the property stylists do the clever deed of distracting the attention of the buyers from some negative features of your home, such as scratches, stains, et cetera. By highlighting the best features of your home, and at the same time distracting the attention from the negative features of it, your home will look even more attractive and help the buyers fall in love with it more easily. This will help sell the property quickly and at a great price, as well.

What Are the Best Areas to Stage?

If your home is empty, that is, if there is no furniture in your home, there is a rule of thumb used by property stylists to determine which areas to give primary attention to when doing house staging. First of all, it is always wise to start with the living room, since people tend to spend most of the time in that room – hence its name. If the living room looks cozy, bright and airy, the chances of buyers wanting to purchase your property will significantly increase, and all of this can be achieved by home staging.

Another area which you should consider staging after having had the living room staged is the dining room. Accentuating the best features of the dining room can increase the price of your property and at the same time make it seem more inviting and warm to the potential buyers. Staging the dining room can make it seem like the best place you can imagine having lunch or dinner in – better than any bistro or restaurant.  Similarly, the kitchen is another great area you can have staged. Having your kitchen staged in a professional manner will increase your chances of attracting more buyers and at the same time, it will make your property seem more homey, comfortable and nice.

Having had the three common areas staged, you should then turn to having the master bedroom staged. Staging the master bedroom in a way that it will feel neat and elegant is an important step in staging your home. Details such as light and color in the master bedroom can make a dramatic change in the eyes of the prospective buyers; therefore, having your master bedroom staged by a property stylist is the right way to go. Remember, the person making the decisions about buying the house is likely to be the one who will sleep in the master bedroom – it makes sense to stage this area of the house.

Finally, if you live in a house with a nice patio or porch, you should consider staging your main outdoor area. Staging the main outdoor area can evoke feelings of calmness and enjoyment, and staging accentuates what is already a nice feature of your property.


Home Staging Services In Perth

What if You Have a Limited Budget?

We are well aware that although ideally everyone would go for full-house property staging, sometimes the financial situation just does not allow it, especially when young couples or large families are in question. But, fear not – there are a large number of options available even for those who are on a tight budget. Leading stylists and expert designers offer something even more valuable than full property staging service – they offer professional advice as well. For those of us who are on a budget but want to make the property shine for potential buyers, more often than not tips and pointers could do the trick, especially if the property has been previously decorated.

Professional interior designers who are experts in the field of property staging offer consulting services for as little as $99. And their advice extends beyond simple spatial tips. They offer advice on how to rearrange the existing furniture, how to accentuate the advantages and mask the flaws, how to perfect the lighting, how to take the best pictures of the properties for online staging, and even how to do a proper presentation for an open house of the property. And there is always the option of doing staging for part of the property. Property staging experts are aware of the importance of the first impressions and would always advise budget clients to stage those rooms which clients find more important, starting with the living room, and then the kitchen, the dining room, the main bedroom, etc.



Ultimately, property stylists offer a wide range of services and everybody can find something which fits their needs. Simply having an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your house by consulting a house stylist can enable you to present your house more effectively.

Top Tips from 740 Designs

Some of the leading experts in the profession have helped us fix up a list of the most useful tips and tricks when it comes to house staging:

  • the furniture should help you sell the house, not the other way around;
  • the process of staging and presenting does not start with the first step in the house, but with the first step in the front yard;
  • the devil is in the details – small things like an additional lamp for lighting, fresh linen, a few chic pillows on the sofa, and even air freshener could make or break the deal;
  • the best and cheapest way to update an outdated room is by repainting it;
  • take care of your garden – the view from the window might make all the difference;
  • everything which is not needed should go into storage, and not in the closets;
  • every house staging starts with the online presentation of your house;
  • always plan areas for children and pets;
  • when in doubt, call in a professional.

In the fast-paced and competitive world of real estate, property staging is becoming more and more popular by the day. And if you want to make the most out of your house on the market, property staging is the right move.