2018 Home Fashion Trends

If you’re in the business of selling or renting out properties, then you’ll want to keep them looking contemporary and appealing to potential customers. We’re now into 2018, and to help you stay ahead of the game we’ve put together these top 10 trends for home décor and style in the year to come. If you want to make your listing the most appealing to potential buyers or renters, then it may consider following some of these home fashion trends in 2018.

  1. Retro Lighting

Continuing the kitsch theme that has dominated the contemporary domestic fashion scene for a few years now is the popularity of older styles of lighting. During 2018, we can expect more of a preference for vintage light fixtures that include Edison bulbs, sconces, lanterns, pendants and chandeliers. It seems that people prefer the homecraft feel of these sources of illumination, and are outfitting rooms around the home with retro lighting that is combined with new electrical technology.

  1. An End to White or Stainless-Steel Basins in the Bathroom

Another kind of home fashion that has been dominant over the years and is set to flourish and grow in 2018 is Farmhouse. It seems that people enjoy the bucolic comfort and rustic feel that farmhouse gives their homes so that our homes can be a tranquil haven that harks back to simpler times even if we live in the most bustling urban areas.

This farmhouse vibe is now set to spread more throughout our homes in 2018 so that it will reach our bathrooms, having already touched kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. This year, we can expect to see people preferring concrete, stone, copper, and granite sinks in darker tones of grey, bronze, or black, over brighter and shinier white or stainless-steel basins.

  1. Trough or Bucket Sinks

Another trend in modern farmhouse design is the style of sink being adopted, as well as the colour and material. Previously popular in laundry areas or outside bathrooms, trough sinks are now being popularised in all bathrooms because they are practical, minimise use of space, and give a rustic look.

  1. Floral Designs

Moving away from farmhouse design but still in line with a less industrial look is the presence of floral prints around the home. Over-sized floral graphics are set to dominate home decorations in 2018.

  1. Texture Tiles

In high-humidity rooms where tiles are required, [it seems that some homeowners are growing tired of typical designs and are opting for new styles that have a more natural look to them, emulating wood, concrete, fabric, or wallpaper. It is a best-of-both-worlds approach, with the visual appeal of another material but the functionality of ceramic tiles.

  1. Wooden Feature Walls and Detailing

People like the idea of millwork or reclaimed wood around their bedrooms to create a feature wall. The ease of being able to create the textured design through DIY and homecraft means that this trend in room design is set to increase during 2018.

  1. Use of Concrete in Feature Design

Since it was used liberally and then fell out of taste, concrete is now set to make a comeback in home design, but used in novel ways. For a long time, people frowned upon concrete because it was perceived as a cheap and ugly construction material, but now people are welcoming it back in their home designs, choosing it over more expensive hardscaping materials such as marble.

It helps that concrete is very affordable and is easily cast into exciting designs such as pendant lamps and feature furniture. This makes concrete very appealing for use in a remodelling or renovation, and by doing so, it will give a very contemporary feel to any property styling in Perth.

  1. Vibrant Colour Schemes

As well as seeking different textures or using different materials in the structural design, it seems that people are changing the way they want their homes decorated too. The prediction for 2018 is an upsurge in warmer colours that add vibrancy to a room, including camel, rust, and browny-black colours, earthy reds and yellows, or tobacco hues that may be combined with deep greys.

These vibrant colours will start to take over the cooler, more neutral colours that have dominated homes over the past few years, and the trend is likely to continue for a while. The richer and moodier colour schemes work well in home environments to provide a soothing and diverse balance.

  1. More Colourful Kitchens

Once considered merely a functional room, kitchens are now taking more of a life of their own as a focal point in our homes. Not only do we cook there, but people combine this with dining or a communal family room. This means that more emphasis is placed on making the kitchen a relaxing, livable room.

For this reason, homeowners are now choosing rich and warm colours when decorating that moves away from the bland but practical plain white and metallic schemes of the past. People are also choosing deeper-coloured textures, such as mahogany trims and surfaces wherever possible as home styling in Perth.

  1. Casual and Calm Bedrooms

A final trend that is predicted for the upcoming year is also how people will move towards more minimalist bedrooms that contain less furniture, incorporate a neutral and soothing colour scheme, and everything in the room blends in and complements itself. We expect to see people preferring less cluttered bedrooms with only simple pieces of furniture, soft fabrics, and neutral colour palettes.

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