Can You Afford Not to Have Your Home Staged?

If you’re trying to sell your Perth home, whether you’re a property investor or just need to relocate to a larger house, you undoubtedly want to maximise its value. You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on revamping or extending your home to increase its value, but investing on home staging in Perth WA is likely to pay dividends.

By staging your property in Perth, you can differentiate your home from other similar buildings on the market, increase your property’s value, entice a broader range of potential buyers and secure a speedy sale – and you don’t need as much money as you might expect to do it.

At 740 Designs, we specialise in furniture hire and property styling in Perth, meaning you don’t need to buy expensive items of furniture outright to give your home’s décor the update it needs to entice potential buyers through the door. Our home furniture packages in Perth range from single-room fitouts to entire house makeovers, and our interior designers work with you to achieve the appearance you require.

Before you decide to spend money on property staging in Perth, it’s worth understanding the potential return on investment as well as why staging is so beneficial in what’s becoming an increasingly competitive housing market.

What Are the Benefits of Staging a Property in Perth?

Home staging refers to the practice of redecorating a property for sale to make it more appealing to potential buyers. It’s worth talking to experienced professionals to find out exactly what your home requires because you don’t want to spend thousands on staging if it will only increase the property’s value by a few hundred dollars. However, if you get it right, the benefits of home staging in Perth include:

  • Sell Your Property Quickly

Some studies show that staging a home can reduce the time it remains up for sale by one third to a half. If selling your property quickly is a necessity, you seriously need to consider staging it.

  • Get the Best Sales Price

There’s a very good chance that staging your home could increase its value. However, even if your property’s value remains the same, you’re much more likely to receive the offer you want by staging your home for your target market.

  • Professional Image

Staged homes appear better looking than similar, un-staged properties in online and print adverts, making them more likely to capture the attention of potential buyers.

  • Appeal to a Broader Audience

Your bachelor pad may be perfectly styled to your specific tastes, but it may not be exactly what your target market is after. Stage your home, and you can attract potential buyers in their masses.

  • Satisfy Your Appraiser

Your home is more likely to be appraised at full value if it’s staged.

  • Set a Positive First Impression

Some studies suggest that the majority of property hunters make up their mind regarding a property’s condition within the first 30 seconds of viewing it, so make sure your property looks well-maintained by having it staged.

What Kind of Return on Investment Can You Expect from Home Staging in Perth?

Some people spend thousands of dollars on a property extension only to find that their efforts result in their house’s value increasing by a few hundred dollars. Home staging, however, requires a relatively small investment, and the financial benefits can be significant.

According to some studies, even spending $200 on professionally cleaning your property can increase its value by over $2,000, and that doesn’t include altering the appearance of your home whatsoever. If you spend an additional $550 on staging, you could add another $2,000 to your property’s asking price.

Consider these statistics to decide whether or not home staging in Perth is a worthwhile investment:

  • 82% of property hunters are likely to miss small problems when viewing a staged property.
  • 96% of estate agents claim that home staging has a positive effect on homebuyers.
  • 45% of agents agree that staging a home is likely to increase its value provided it’s done with the buyer’s interests in mind.
  • 81% of agents believe property hunters find it easier to imagine themselves living in a staged home than an un-staged one.

Time and time again, studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and for more money than their un-staged competitors, but because people spend anywhere between $500 and $6,000 on property staging in Perth, you need to talk to expert interior designers to find out what your home requires.

If you need any advice regarding property staging in Perth, we encourage you to get in touch with the furniture hire experts at 740 Designs.

How Can I Stage My Property in Perth?

In most situations, hiring professional home stagers yields a bigger return on investment than completing the task without help. However, if you don’t want to pay the experts, you should focus your attention on the walls, doors, windows and floors. Make sure they look almost brand new if you’d rather not replace them because those features give viewers an insight into the overall condition of your property.

Installing new lighting, replacing your drawer, cupboard and door handles, and landscaping both the front and back garden can work wonders for your home’s appeal, but you then need to pay attention to your furnishings and decorations.

Fortunately, there’s no need to purchase furniture for a property you’re about to vacate because you can simply hire everything you need from us instead.

Contact the Experts at 740 Designs to Learn More about Perth Home Staging

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